8. Get Paid to Date on Bumble

8. Get Paid to Date on Bumble

Are you looking to make $100 fast? Start by finding the perfect date at Rent a Gent . Here, you can easily browse all the suggested gentlemen from all over the world. Once you find the one, you book him online or via a phone call. Then you can have all the fun you would wish for and still make money.

How Rent a Gent Works:

As the name suggests, its women who mostly do the paying on this website. For your moneys worth, you get to specify every aspect of your date. Filter options include the gents education level, height, age, and eye color. Simply put, you get to date your dream man.

Rent a Gents guarantees satisfaction to its clients. With this website, you simply hire a date, and if the experience turns out horrible, you get your money back!

Bumble is a mainstream dating website where you can make new meaningful friends, meet a new partner, or even expand your work network.

As such, you can meet new team members or mentor other business-oriented individuals. You have to pay to match your date. Surprisingly, its women who make the first move on Bumble.

So, men are not able to reach out to women unless they take the first step of reaching out. This encourages equality and respect for women. So, if you are a single lady looking for a dating site where you have complete control, Bumble is the best way to go.

How Dating on Bumble Works

You are given 24 hours to contact your match before their profile disappears. Moreover, if either party does not reply to messages in a span of 24 hours, the connection disappears.

10. RentAFriend

This means that you rent your friendship to a stranger for a few hours and get paid. To sign up on this website, you need to be aged 18 years and above. Also, you should never have been imprisoned or committed any crime on record. (más…)

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